Chinese cross-border e-commerce marketplace and Ping An Bank announce their program ‘Hui Kuan Bao,’ a merger between internet finance and supply chain finance, with a 100 million yuan credit plan to benefit businesses utilizing’s internet finance portal DHfinet. ‘Hui Kuan Bao’ will allow DHfinet users to reduce their capital turnover period from 2 to 40 days.

DHfinet provides short term financing to users by utilizing big data to assess risk. With the addition of ‘Hui Kuan Bao,’ users will receive their funds just 2 days after shipping the goods they are financing, the program also allows users to apply for and repay all loans online, through an automated process, in order to promote efficiency for enterprises and banks. ‘Hui Kuan Bao’ also allows users to pay their loans back in Chinese Yuan or American Dollars.

Ping An Bank has indicated that they are very satisfied with’s risk control system and business model. Earlier this year, DHfinet was recognized in a policy paper to economic leaders at the G20 Hangzhou as a potential solution to bring much needed financing to SMEs (small-and-medium enterprises) around the world, the G20 SME Finance Forum estimates that the total unmet global demand for credit by SMEs in 2016 is $3 trillion, with an astounding 200 million SMEs that lack access to credit.