Fintech, Finance, Technology, Banking Highlights – 17 April 2018

Ingenico introduces third generation biometric POS

Ingenico Group announced the launch of the Move/2500 B, a portable terminal combining the convenience of fingerprint authentication with the security of the latest PCI standards.

The Move/2500 B addresses traditional financial inclusion needs to reach the unbanked population as well as local governmental schemes. In India, for instance, all POS will soon have to provide fingerprint authentication. In Mexico, where banks have the obligation to verify the identity of all loan applicants, the Move/2500 B could serve as a means of authentication. The recent certification of fingerprint authentication by EMVco as a Customer Verification Method could bring about new global schemes, making the Move/2500 B also relevant in mature markets and a strong differentiator for banks with a customer acquisition strategy.

Ingenico Group has built on its proven track record in designing biometric solutions to launch a particularly optimized terminal, matching prints in a split second. PCI-v5 and STQC compliant, the Move/2500 B is a highly secure and cost efficient portable POS, which supports all payment methods and schemes relying on national ID programmes. It features the market leading fingerprint sensor, which fulfils FBI standards.

The Move/2500 B will first be rolled out in India in June and subsequently in the Middle East.

MinerEye introduces AI-powered Data Tracker

MinerEye is launching a new, AI-powered governance and data protection solution, MinerEye Data TrackerTM, that for the first time will enable companies to continuously identify, organize, track and protect vast information assets ─ including undermanaged, unstructured and dark data ─ for safe and compliant cloud migration. MinerEye will be presenting its new Data Tracker solution at the Security Shark Tank During RSA 2018 Conference in San Francisco.

“Companies cannot protect, manage or utilize information they can’t find,” said MinerEye CEO and Co-Founder Yaniv Avidan. “Using our Interpretive AITM, MinerEye fuses computer vision and machine learning to track information at the byte and pixel level, which no other solution has achieved.”

Most data tracking and classification technologies categorize data based on descriptive elements such as file size, type, name and location. MinerEye dives deeply into the basic data form to its essence, uncover and categorize data groups that have not been pre-specified. Using AI, and a small number of exemplar files as training set, MinerEye learns, detects, and categorizes unspecified types of information. For example, it can detect and group sensitive contracts, customer complaints, log files, corporate M&A documents, or legacy employee information.

Moneyhub integrates with Monzo and Starling APIs

Moneyhub has integrated with Monzo and Starling’s APIs, enabling Moneyhub to offer users of the digital banks an holistic overview of all their financial assets through Moneyhub’s platform.

Users of the two UK challenger banks will now have access to Moneyhub’s proprietary categorisation engine and Smart Nudges, enabling them to make well informed monetary decisions and fulfil their financial wellbeing potential.

The technology developed by Moneyhub features the most data links of any aggregation provider in the UK. Users can link up current and savings accounts alongside any credit cards, pensions, loans, mortgages, properties, SIPPs, ISAs or investments. With an all-inclusive overview of their finances, Monzo and Starling customers will now be able to manage their money even more efficiently and effortlessly than they can today.

Personalised ‘Smart Nudges’ bring real insight that save money, for example a Loan to Value ratio nudge that proactively alerts when qualifying for better mortgage rates , or a Micro Saving nudge where a reduction in regular spending has been identified which could easily be put to better use. All of which makes money work harder and last longer.

Areeba to pilot fingerprint payment cards

Digital security firm Gemalto and biometric technology company Zwipe have partnered with areeba, a financial and payment technology company in the Middle East and Africa, with the support of Unilux Cards, to pilot the first battery-less dual interface biometric payment card (chip- and contactless-enabled) in the Middle East with Visa.

The biometric payment card will be presented by areeba & Visa in partnership with Gemalto and Zwipe, during Seamless Middle East in Dubai. The pilot aims to test the use of fingerprint recognition as a more convenient and secure alternative to PIN or signature to authenticate the cardholder during a transaction.