Fintech, Finance, Technology, Banking Highlights – 16 August 2018

TruRating Announces Expanded Partnership with Verifone to Enable Merchants to Collect Consumer Input at the Point-of-Sale

TruRating, customer experience experts specialising in point-of-payment customer feedback solutions, announced that a global contract has been signed with Verifone.

Merchants using Verifone’s next-generation solutions and Verifone Connect will have access to the TruRating application to start listening to and learning from customers.

TruRating’s user-friendly POS feedback software app, paired with Verifone, will allow merchants to collect countless consumer ratings. This will help merchants better understand their strengths and weaknesses so they know how to improve their businesses. With responses collected in real-time, actionable knowledge is available faster than ever before. Some merchants have seen as much as an eight percent revenue increase after implementing TruRating.

“We’re very excited to work with a company like Verifone that shares our values when it comes to developing innovative technology with both the consumer and merchant in mind,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO, TruRating. “This partnership will allow thousands of merchants to connect with the customers they don’t normally hear from and gain insights to make smarter, more informed business decisions.”

CSI Launches Open API Platform to Provide Secure Connections to Data

Computer Services, a provider of end-to-end financial technology solutions, introduces CSIbridge, an open application programming interface (API) platform, to give banks the power to build custom technology integrations that maximize efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

CSIbridge provides an easy-to-use platform that banks and third-party providers can use to securely access data for ancillary solutions. CSI customers can take advantage of the open API platform to customize and release new services more quickly through pre-built APIs into popular banking features.

“Customers continue to expect more and more from their banking experience, so financial institutions must find innovative ways to keep up with the pace of change,” said Bob Ezell, chief product officer at CSI. “CSIbridge enables our customers to work collaboratively with fintech providers on value-added solutions and enhancements that allow them to continually grow while providing the latest technology offerings.”

EMVCo Launches EMV 3-D Secure Test Platform

EMVCo announces the availability of the full EMV 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS) Test Platform, which enables the functional testing of EMV 3DS solutions.

3DS product providers can now confirm whether their solutions will perform in accordance with the EMV 3-D Secure Protocol and Core Functions Specification v2.1.0, or its EMV 3-D Secure – SDK Specification, and receive Letters of Approval from EMVCo.

EMV 3DS is a messaging protocol that promotes frictionless consumer authentication and enables consumers to authenticate themselves with their card issuer when making card-not-present e-commerce purchases. It defines features to promote more secure and consistent consumer e-commerce transactions across channels and connected devices, while optimising the cardholder’s experience.

“EMV 3DS promotes consumer familiarity, convenience and security across the rapidly advancing e-commerce environment,” comments Stephanie Ericksen, EMVCo Executive Committee Chair. “The availability of a functional testing framework for EMV 3DS is an important step towards the development of a globally interoperable, secure remote payments ecosystem.”