Credit Sesame, announced it has launched the all-new Sesame Credit Builder, a Mastercard debit card designed to help people build their credit.

Financial wellness company Credit Sesame, one of the first platforms to provide consumers free and ongoing access to their full credit information, today announced it has launched the all-new Sesame Credit Builder, a Mastercard debit card designed to help people build their credit.

Sesame Credit Builder helps improve your credit score by building a positive payment history with everyday debit purchases from your coffee to bill payments for your phone, utilities, subscriptions, and more. Historically, users with positive credit payment history can see an average credit score increase of 35 points. And the new Credit Builder allows everyone to do that easier than ever. Unlike a traditional secured credit card, there is no credit check, no up-front security deposit, and no interest charges. Consumers simply make purchases or pay for bills with their debit card and get the credit they deserve. Enrollment takes minutes, so individuals can start building their credit instantly.

“Finance plays a crucial role in everyone’s lives. However, for the nearly two-thirds of US households who are living paycheck-to-paycheck and relying on credit to manage their day-to-day expenses, a good credit history is vital to their financial health, says Adrian Nazari, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Credit Sesame. “The new Sesame Credit Builder Mastercard brings inclusion and breaks down the barriers for everyone and specially people with low or limited credit history to build better credit history. We are making it easy for more Americans to get credit for the money they spend and the payments they make.” 

Creating pathways for financial security and access is core to Mastercard’s mission of powering economies and empowering people,” said Tim Montgomery, Senior Vice President, Digital Partnerships, North America, Mastercard. Credit Sesame aims to democratize financial wellness and empower consumers to take charge of their own financial health. Sesame Credit Builder can do just that and help even more consumers improve their credit.