MiL.k (The blockchain based loyalty integration platform) and Agate (The largest game developer company in Indonesia) signed the MoU for cooperating to develop Engaging Web3 Ecosystem.

Milk Partners, which operates the blockchain-based loyalty integration platform ‘MiL.k,’ today announced that have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Agate, one of the leading game developers in Southeast Asia as well as the largest game developer in Indonesia. This partnership aimed at cooperating to expand the Web3 ecosystem by utilizing each companies’ expertise in gamification solution and blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem.

Agate, the largest game developer company in Indonesia, has rapidly grown with various hit games such as Earl Grey and this Rupert Guy, Football Saga 2: The Legend Reborn, Memories: My Story, My Choice, Valthirian Arc Series, etc. Recently, the company has been actively expanding its ecosystem into the Web3 world by developing a Web3 game, Mythic Protocol.

Milk Partners operates MiL.k, a blockchain-based loyalty integration platform. Through the MiL.k, users can manage and integrate reward points from different service companies and exchange with Milk Coin (MLK) to be connected in various fields such as travel, leisure, shopping, and lifestyle at once. Since last year, it has been expanding its ecosystem primarily in Southeast Asia with strategic partners such as airasia (Malaysia-based low-cost carrier), GetPlus (Indonesia-based loyalty coalition program) etc.

Aligned on their business direction and needs, both companies agreed to work closely together to expand their ecosystems through this MoU. With this strategic partnership, various exciting co-marketing activities incorporating Agate’s gamification solution and localization strategy through the MiL.k are expecting to provide the exclusive Web3 experience to the Indonesian users.

Shieny Aprilia, Co-Founder and CEO of Agate said, “This collaboration marks a significant step in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge game-based and gamification solutions and creating added value for our customers. Together with MiL.K, we aim to unlock new realms of possibilities at the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology, enriching the gaming experience for all.”

Jayden Jo, CEO of Milk Partners said, “I’m thrilled to announce this partnership with one of the largest game developer companies in Southeast Asia. With Agate’s local experience and expertise, MiL.k will bring huge number of Agate’s users into the Web3 world combining with MiL.k’s loyalty ecosystem. This collaboration will generate great synergy to grow each business by connecting Indonesia and Korea and also, Game and Loyalty ecosystem.”

Through this strategic partnership, both companies will provide more practical and enjoyable Web3 experiences to users in their daily lives.