AnChain.AI, a global leader in Web3 digital asset security, investigations, and AML compliance, announced the immediate availability of its cutting-edge blockchain security and compliance tools on AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, test, buy, and deploy third-party software that runs on AWS. With this listing, customers can now seamlessly access AnChain.AI’s suite of tools, ensuring robust security and compliance for their blockchain initiatives.

AnChain.AI’s cutting-edge AI-powered security solutions are trusted by industry leaders including Layer 1 Blockchains like Provenance Blockchain Foundation and Stellar, in addition to supporting the regulatory and frontline investigation efforts of global regulators like the U. S. Securities an Exchange Commission. The company’s tools, including the groundbreaking Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence (BEI) and Compliance, Investigation, Security Operations (CISO) investigations suite, are designed to empower organizations to proactively address Web3 digital asset security and compliance challenges.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing industries, but with great innovation comes the need for robust security and compliance,” said Victor Fang, CEO & Co-founder of AnChain.AI. “By making our tools available on AWS Marketplace, we’re streamlining the process for organizations to adopt and integrate our solutions to protect their Web3 Digital Assets.


Key features of AnChain.AI’s tools available on AWS Marketplace include:

AI-Powered Analysis: Advanced machine learning techniques to detect and prevent fraud suspicious activities in real-time.
Comprehensive Compliance: Tools to ensure adherence to evolving global regulations in the blockchain space.
End-to-End Security: From smart contract auditing to transaction monitoring, a holistic approach to blockchain security.
Scalable Solutions: Designed to cater to both budding startups and established enterprises, ensuring optimal performance regardless of scale.
Pay-as-you-go: Transparent pricing with the flexibility to scale up or down based on usage.