Markmonitor, an industry-leading enterprise-level provider of corporate domain management solutions, announced the launch of its new Web3 solutions to provide the most secure and robust blockchain domain management and wallet custody solution available in the Web3 industry.

The Web3 landscape and blockchain domains (also known as NFT or Web3 domains) represent new challenges for companies as this emerging space lacks traditional domain rights protections and regulation, amongst other risks. Brands need a deliberate strategy today to effectively mitigate these risks and protect their brands online, both now and in anticipation of Web3’s future growth.

For over two decades Markmonitor has been instrumental in establishing and protecting major global brands online – and its trusted advisory role has grown even more vital in the evolving Web3 landscape. In response to customer feedback, Markmonitor has introduced a wide range of strategic NFT domain services that guide and protect companies in the evolving Web3 landscape, addressing the demand for guidance, support and security in blockchain and Web3 domain management.


The key solutions include:

NFT Domain Registration and Management (including .eth)
NFT Domain Protection Services
NFT Domain Acquisition
NFT Domain Custody Solutions
These solutions provide strategic guidance that helps companies better understand the functionality and complexity of blockchain domains.

Markmonitor has developed relationships with the most prominent NFT domain providers and other Web3 security partners – such as BitGo and MetaMask Institutional (MMI) – to provide a broad range of NFT domain solutions catered to corporate brands and their needs in the Web3 space.


A key brand protection measure in the Web3 space is defensive registration of exact match NFT domains to prevent misuse by bad actors. NFT Domain Protection is a service that defensively registers Markmonitor’s selection of extensions offered by Unstoppable Domains. By blocking a brand’s Web3 domains, bad actors are unable to capitalize on them as opportunities for fraud.

In the rapidly evolving Web3 environment, forward-thinking companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of securing desired blockchain domains before they become unavailable. If a desired blockchain domain is already registered, Markmonitor’s NFT Domain Acquisition Services offer enterprises a strategic advantage, reducing both the cost and complexity of blockchain domain acquisition by having the Markmonitor team of experts takes charge of the process. Markmonitor NFT domain experts also coordinate the post-sale transfer of Web3 domains custody.

Markmonitor has implemented multiple best practice security procedures, including Multi-Signature transactions and wallet cold-storage, to enable our enterprise-grade wallet custody service to ensure the highest levels of security of our client’s NFT domain assets.