Genesis Digital Assets Limited, one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining companies in terms of installed hashrate capacity, has announced it has become an Executive Partner at the Texas Blockchain Council—a leading industry association focused on bitcoin mining in Texas.

GDA expects to benefit from the Executive Partnership in a number of ways, including greater opportunities to connect with members of the Council such as other miners and startups, and the ability to participate in Texas Blockchain Council’s initiatives and working groups.

“We believe that Texas is one of the most important hubs in the world for bitcoin mining. So our decision to become Executive Partners was very natural given the amazing work that the Texas Blockchain Council is doing in the space” said Abdumalik Mirakhmedov, Executive President at GDA.

“The Texas Blockchain Council is thankful to have members like GDA who strive to be responsible actors on the grid, accountable corporate citizens, and reliable community partners” said Lee Bratcher, President and Founder of the Texas Blockchain Council, “we have seen firsthand how GDA works with the local communities in which their data centers operate and how those communities are benefiting not only from a financial and fiscal perspective, but also through community partnerships.”

GDA has a strong presence in the Western part of Texas, with data centers in Pyote, Garden City, and Big Lake representing a significant portion of its total hashrate. The wealth of renewable energy that is in Texas has played an important role in the company’s decision to continue investing in the state, making it a well-positioned location for bolstering its bitcoin mining capabilities. As a result of GDA’s continued focus on Texas, the company is also pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring the North America Blockchain Summit in Fort Worth on November 15-17th.