Shopify announced its new free Chip and Swipe card reader for in-person selling.
With Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) support, the new Chip and Swipe reader lets any Shopify merchant in the United States sell offline in a fast and secure way. The card reader was launched at Unite, Shopify’s annual partner and developer conference.

Full Power of Shopify Ecosystem

Shopify makes every aspect of starting, running and growing a business easier. With the new Chip and Swipe reader, business owners can have the full power of Shopify behind them when selling in-person. The reader seamlessly connects with a seller’s Shopify store, eliminating the need for multiple systems to run a single business. Merchants benefit from the ability to manage their entire business from just one place and do not need to spend hours updating in-person sales with those made on their online store.

“Shopify is already known as an industry leading ecommerce provider, and with our new Chip and Swipe hardware, we are demonstrating our deep investment in the retail world,” said Craig Miller, Chief Product Officer at Shopify. “We’re proud to launch a beautiful, entry-level product that lets anyone sell in-person. Now any of our merchants can use Shopify to power every aspect of their business, at every interaction.”

Designed for the Entrepreneur

The first piece of hardware created in-house by Shopify, the new reader’s design was directly informed by extensive research and user-experience feedback from our merchants.

The Chip and Swipe reader is made for selling at festivals, pop-ups and markets. Unlike other readers that must plug into a headphone jack, the Shopify Chip and Swipe reader features wireless functionality and an extra-long battery life. The card reader was also developed to grow with business owners as they move from casual selling to a permanent retail location, and includes a sturdy base that allows the reader to sit on a table or counter top.

An industry first, the Chip and Swipe reader will be offered at no charge for both new merchants and existing Shopify merchants without a Shopify point-of-sale (POS) solution, enabling anyone to start selling in person.