Women make up 60% of Param’s workforce, as well as 63% of top management.

Param offers users cutting-edge products and creative solutions as the industry’s leader of change and innovation. With the help of its knowledgeable staff, Param is growing and creating a business environment that is inclusive and unique in the technology industry. Women make up 60% of Param’s workforce, as well as 63% of top management.

Param, the first electronic money institution in Turkey, offers domestic and international money transfers as well as accounts, wallets, prepaid cards, virtual POS, and physical POS products to IT’S corporate and individual customers. Param stands out as the only electronic money institution with Mastercard, VISA, Troy, and Discover card schemes, making it the fintech of firsts since its founding. Param is the first non-bank institution to be granted a license under the Bank and Credit Cards Law and the first non-bank member of the Interbank Card Center (BKM).


One of the largest investments received

Attracting the attention of investors with its performance, the first investment series was completed in June of 2022 with a 200 million USD valuation investment from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) of London, CEECAT Capital of Luxembourg, Alpha Associates of Zurich, and Revo Capital of Amsterdam.


Param UK is now active

A simpler life is made possible by Param’s cutting-edge products, such as ParamKart, ParamPOS, Kredim (Buy Now, Pay Later) and ParamTech, offering integrated services to fintech institutions. Param also advances the financial technology sector with products such as Processing, Finrota (Open Banking and Online Collection), E-Money, and Wallet as well as exporting its technological achievements to Europe. The fast and simple money transfer service Param UK began operating both within the UK and between the UK and Turkey. Param is now preparing to launch the “Param EU” brand in order to spread its knowledge and products across Europe.


Women make up 63 percent of top management and 60 percent of employees at Param.

All of Param’s developments are carried out in its technology and innovation centers in Ankara and Istanbul, which have among the best fintech infrastructures in Turkey. With over 600 employees, Param continues to lead the industry with its large population of female managers and employees. Women make up 63 percent of Param’s senior management and 60 percent of its workforce overall.


Equity promotes effectiveness

With this strategy, Param gives young people who want to work in technology hope as well as helping increase the number of women working in the field. The success of market leader Param demonstrates that as the proportion of women in organizations rises, so does performance.

Param believes that a company can grow in a sustainable way if it puts the well-being, happiness, and fairness of its employees first. This aligns with its efforts to build an employer brand.