Fintech, Finance, Technology, Banking Highlights – 19 February 2018

Thomson Reuters Builds Out its Award-Winning Connected Risk Platform with Risk Management Solution Providing a Personalized Enterprise-Wide View of Risk

Demonstrating its commitment to deliver a comprehensive suite of next-generation integrated risk solutions to assist the global financial and corporate communities, Thomson Reuters has further expanded its Connected Risk platform to include a commercialized Risk Management (RM) solution to help new customers develop more holistic, effective risk management programs aligned with their risk methodology and business strategy.

Financial services and corporate sectors today remain challenged with finding a solution that encompasses an enterprise-wide view of risk management, instead of accepting a solution that only addresses a subset of enterprise risk management (ERM), such as operational risk, regulatory risk, legal risk, tax risk, settlement risk, model risk, and other non-financial risks. Thomson Reuters Risk Management, the latest solution on the Connected Risk platform, assembles all these forms of risk to deliver a holistic ERM view that delivers the connectivity and insights necessary for better informed decisions that are aligned with agreed-upon business and risk strategy.

“With the increased and ongoing rate of business-operations change, a comprehensive and effective risk management solution is no longer a nice-to-have option. It has become a necessity for our customers in order to know and optimize their total risk parameters and opportunities,” said Gareth Evans, managing director, Enterprise Risk Management at Thomson Reuters. “Our Risk Management solution not only helps save time and lowers costs, it also allows financial services and corporate customers to tailor their own risk solutions on our platform or take our out-of-the-box risk solution and refine it to meet their specific needs. This bespoke, holistic approach embodied in our Connected Risk platform is designed to help our customers better manage the unprecedented volumes of regulatory change and operational complexity they face daily.”

Paymium launches European cryptocurrency trading platform

Pioneer in Bitcoin marketplaces, Paymium launches, the new European cryptocurrency trading platform. Created in 2011, Paymium is also the first “exchange” which is compliant with the requirements of the European regulations on payment service providers.

By creating, Paymium wants to offer new investors a bridge between the different blockchains where exchanges can take place safely and transparently.

Since the invention of the Bitcoin protocol, and the first blockchain which started in January 2009, many projects have created their own currency. In 2017, the equivalent of $5 billion was raised in the form of an ICO, effectively turning cryptocurrencies into a new financing mechanism complementary to traditional venture capital.

Beyond the financial aspect, it is the decentralized governance of blockchain technologies that today attracts thousands of communities around the world, and draws more and more economic players.

What is at stake is to facilitate the adoption of a multitude of new freely tradeable currencies, exchangeable at once against one another, as well as with traditional currencies. With users of a digital token becoming ambassadors of the underlying network, ICOs provide not only an innovative project financing mechanism but also a powerful marketing platform.

Softtek and Mambu launch banking-as-a-service platform

Mambu, the leading SaaS banking engine, has partnered with Softtek, a global provider of process-driven IT solutions and largest Mexican system integrator, to launch a banking platform as a service (BPaaS).

This cloud-based model will enable financial institutions to leverage an integrated best-of-breed offering that provides them with the agility to adapt to market demands simply and efficiently with the support of expert partners.

The offering is a flexible take on the legacy ‘bank in a box’ concept which is limited to the technologies provided by only one vendor. Softtek will deliver a combination of SaaS and local applications and technologies from multiple vendors on one cloud-native API-enabled BPaaS, powered by the Mambu banking engine. Clients are able to leverage best-of-breed global and local solutions, as well as professional services and support.

“New entrants are using digital technology to meet changing customer expectations as well as reach the large underbanked sector. To succeed, competitors must emulate the operating models of these disruptors and develop the flexibility and speed to market necessary to meet market demands. BPaaS is the optimal model to meet this objective,” said Edgardo Torres-Caballero, Managing Director, Mambu Americas.